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2024 Bentley Flying Spur Configurations: A Luxurious Driving Experience

by Frank
2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations

2024 Bentley Flying Spur Configurations Explained

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations establish this model as the epitome of luxury in the four-door Grand Tourer segment, delivering an unparalleled, driver-centric journey. This masterpiece combines purpose and elegance in a saloon that is available in both four and five-seat arrangements. It leads its class with a comprehensive suite of advanced, user-friendly features designed to enhance the experience for both the driver and passengers.

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Unrivaled Luxury and Driving Pleasure

Heralded as the premier luxury sedan globally, the third-generation Flying Spur is engineered for ultimate customer satisfaction. It caters to the desires of its occupants, offering a peerless experience whether you’re behind the wheel or luxuriating in its opulent, handcrafted cabin as a passenger.

A Testament to Bentley’s Design Excellence

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations boast a commanding road presence, serving as a testament to Bentley’s design ethos. It perfectly melds exquisite British craftsmanship with elegant proportions. For the first time in the modern era, the car features a retractable Flying B mascot, accentuating its heritage and innovation.

Technological Mastery and Enhanced Dynamics

The Flying Spur is a marvel of technological innovation, focusing on passenger comfort and thrilling driving dynamics. It introduces All-Wheel Steering—a first for Bentley—alongside Active All-Wheel Drive and sophisticated cut-crystal effect LED matrix headlamps, elevating its agility and road presence.

Power and Sustainability

Offering increased agility and power, the Flying Spur is available with three powertrain options: an improved version of Bentley’s iconic 6.0-litre W12 petrol (gasoline) engine, a potent 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, and a new Hybrid model. This Hybrid variant represents Bentley’s most environmentally friendly option to date, marking a significant step towards sustainability without compromising on performance or luxury.

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The Legacy of the Flying Spur Name

Origins and Evolution

The name “Flying Spur” carries a rich heritage that reflects Bentley’s commitment to combining luxury and performance. Originating from the Bentley family’s coat of arms, the name symbolizes speed, agility, and the pursuit of excellence. The “Flying” prefix adds a sense of dynamism, evoking the sensation of gliding smoothly and swiftly, akin to flying on the road.

The First Flying Spur

The introduction of the 1957 Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur marked a milestone in automotive history. Designed by H.J. Mulliner & Co., it epitomized the luxury sports sedan, marrying elegance with performance. This model laid the foundation for the Flying Spur’s reputation as a symbol of automotive excellence.

Modern Interpretations

Over the decades, the Flying Spur has evolved, each generation building upon the last in terms of luxury, technology, and performance. Today, the Flying Spur continues to serve as Bentley’s flagship model, showcasing the brand’s latest advancements in design and engineering while staying true to its heritage.

2024 Bentley Flying Spur Engines

2024 bentley flying spur enginesDiverse and Dynamic Powertrains

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations present three distinct powertrain choices, each embodying character and performance: the dynamic 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol, the pioneering new Hybrid model, or the majestic 6.0-litre W12 petrol.

V8: Agility Meets Character

The V8 variant of the Flying Spur delivers a driving experience centered on agility and an engaging engine note. This racetrack-tested engine not only offers a more exhilarating drive but also benefits the environment with fewer stops for fuel and reduced CO2 emissions. Producing 524 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque at just under 2000 rpm, this engine is designed for responsiveness and efficiency. The advanced twin-scroll turbochargers ensure immediate power delivery, while cylinder deactivation technology enhances fuel economy by up to 16%, seamlessly blending power with sustainability.

Hybrid: A Step Towards Sustainability

Emphasizing Bentley’s commitment to sustainability, the Flying Spur Hybrid stands as the marque’s most eco-friendly vehicle yet. This model combines a 2.9-liter V6 petrol engine with an electric motor to offer a total output of 536 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, allowing for over 435 miles of range on a single fill. The hybrid powertrain ensures that luxury and performance are not compromised, offering a nearly identical acceleration profile to the V8 model while significantly reducing fuel consumption. The integration of EV Drive, Hybrid, and Hold Modes allows for tailored battery usage, maximizing efficiency and the electric driving experience.

W12: The Pinnacle of Performance

The Bentley Flying Spur W12 represents the zenith of Bentley’s engineering prowess, featuring an updated twin-turbocharged TSI engine renowned for its smoothness and power. This compact ‘W’ configuration engine provides optimal weight distribution and ample interior space. With 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque, the W12 model accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, reaching a top speed of 207 mph. Each engine is meticulously hand-built and tested, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance.

Each powertrain option for the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations has been crafted to meet the diverse needs and preferences of Bentley’s discerning clientele, offering a perfect blend of performance, luxury, and environmental responsibility. Whether it’s the engaging drive of the V8, the eco-friendly innovation of the Hybrid, or the unmatched power of the W12, the Flying Spur remains at the forefront of automotive excellence.

Exterior Design: The Embodiment of Modern Elegance

2024 bentley flying spur exterior features (1)A Vision of Sculptural Beauty

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations showcase the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship and contemporary design. It stands as a beacon of Bentley’s evolved design language, featuring elegant yet robust proportions that command attention. This automobile represents a bold step forward, encapsulating a vision that, while modern, remains undeniably Bentley at its core.

Enhanced Presence and Sculpted Lines

With its wheelbase extended by 130mm over its predecessor, the latest Flying Spur boasts a more pronounced road presence and bolder, more muscular contours that stretch elegantly from front to rear. This transformation is not just skin deep; the Flying Spur has been entirely reimagined on a new platform, allowing for its sculpted surfaces and dynamic lines, a feat achieved through advanced aluminum ‘superforming’—a technique Bentley pioneered with the Continental GT.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Technology

Bentley’s commitment to excellence is evident in the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies. Aluminum extrusions and castings, combined with high-strength steel, provide the Flying Spur with best-in-class body stiffness, optimizing both handling and structural rigidity. This meticulous attention to materials ensures that the Flying Spur is not only a marvel to behold but a fortress of strength and agility.

Illuminating the Path Forward

LED matrix headlights, with their unique cut-crystal effect, come standard, creating a dazzling display even when unlit thanks to a chrome sleeve that amplifies their brilliance. The rear lights, with the signature ‘B’ graphic, resonate with the diamond knurling found within the interior, creating a cohesive aesthetic flow from exterior to interior.

Skyward Views and Iconic Mascot

An optional full-size, panoramic sunroof invites the sky into the cabin, creating an airy, expansive atmosphere. This sunroof, coupled with electronically deployed Alcantara blinds, adds a layer of luxury and customization with blinds that match any of the 15 interior headlining colors. The Flying B mascot, reimagined for Bentley’s Centenary, now graces the bonnet of the Flying Spur for the first time in modern production, offering an illuminated welcome as the driver approaches.

Refined Details and Personalization

From the gloss black radiator matrix encased in bright chrome to the option of black or bright chrome for the lower matrix, every detail has been considered to pay homage to Bentley’s storied heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern luxury design. The availability of 17 standard Bentley colors, alongside an extensive range of optional hues and the Blackline Specification, offers unparalleled personalization. This specification replaces much of the exterior’s brightwork with black trim, providing a contemporary twist on the classic Bentley aesthetic.

Wheels and Color Options

The standard Blackline specification includes 21-inch five tri-spoke alloy wheels, with 22-inch Mulliner Driving Specification wheels as an option, ensuring that the Flying Spur not only leads in luxury but also stance and poise. With 17 standard and 13 extended range colors available at launch, the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations offer a spectrum of choices to suit every discerning taste, making it the world’s most advanced luxury four-door Grand Tourer.

Interior Design: A Sanctuary of Modern Luxury and Innovation

2024 bentley flying spur interior designCrafting Unrivaled Luxury

The interior of the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations epitomizes Bentley’s mastery in forging spaces of contemporary innovation enveloped in unparalleled luxury. The cabin stands as a testament to style and uniqueness, featuring supremely comfortable seating available in 15 exquisite hide colors, embellished with Bentley’s signature ‘Wing’ theme across the fascia and lower console.

Veneer Elegance and Technological Harmony

The cabin’s width is accentuated by sweeping horizontal veneers that flow elegantly across the dashboard and into the doors, creating a sense of spacious luxury. At the heart of this sanctuary lies a floating center console that hosts a customizable 12.3-inch HD touchscreen, complemented by Bentley’s sculptural center vents. These not only serve as aesthetically pleasing elements but also house practical features such as inductive wireless charging and USB sockets for mobile devices.

The Bentley Rotating Display: A Marvel of Design

An industry-first, the Bentley Rotating Display, reveals itself upon igniting the engine. A section of the dashboard veneer rotates to unveil a 12.3-inch touchscreen with three customizable digital tiles. Alternatively, it presents three analog dials or allows for a digital detox by showcasing a seamless continuation of the wood veneer, elevating the cabin’s elegance.

Precision and Detailing

Bentley’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the replacement of traditional vents with precision-detailed ones, flanking an exquisite Bentley clock accented with fine bronze detailing. This level of refinement extends to three-dimensional, diamond-quilted leather door inserts—a first in automotive design, inspired by the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, adding a textural depth and uniqueness to the interior.

Modern Veneers and Bespoke Options

Introducing Crown Cut Walnut, a new wood veneer option that offers a contemporary finish alongside popular choices like Dark Fiddleback and Piano Black. With an array of veneer options and the possibility of dual veneer finishes, personalization reaches new heights, allowing for a truly bespoke cabin atmosphere.

Seamless Integration and Mood Lighting

The continuation of the wing-theme graphic throughout the cabin doors forges a harmonious link between the front and rear seating areas. Optional mood lighting, with a selection of seven colors and various intensities, further enhances the cabin’s ambiance, tailoring the environment to every journey.

Comfort in Every Seat

The Flying Spur’s seating is designed with a twin-flute design and multi-comfort settings including heating, ventilation, and multi-mode massage, ensuring unparalleled comfort for all occupants. The rear seating experience is equally luxurious, offering a folding center armrest and a stowable center headrest for optimal visibility and comfort.

Personalization at Its Peak

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations redefine what bespoke luxury means in the automotive world. With an extensive palette of paint colors, leather hides, wood veneers, and customization options, Bentley offers an infinite spectrum of choices, ensuring that every Flying Spur can be as unique as its owner’s preferences and taste.

Technology: Redefining Luxury with Innovation

2024 bentley flying spur technologyThe Pinnacle of Connected Luxury

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology, reinforcing its status as the most luxurious four-door Grand Tourer in the world. This latest iteration is designed to satisfy the most discerning drivers and passengers, boasting a comprehensive suite of intelligent, connected car features that place the Flying Spur at the forefront of the luxury car segment.

A Symphony of Electronics and Craftsmanship

The Flying Spur harmonizes cutting-edge electronics with traditional artisan craftsmanship, embodying Bentley’s progressive stance on technology. This approach ensures ease of use while maintaining exquisite design and functionality. The car’s completely revamped electrical systems underscore the meticulous attention to detail that went into every stage of its development, including energy-saving measures that reduced the number of 12V batteries from two to one.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Equipped with the revolutionary Bentley Rotating Display, the Flying Spur offers up to ten sophisticated Driver Assistance Systems to cater to any situation. Highlights include a Top View Camera for a comprehensive overhead view, reverse traffic warning, self-parking capabilities, and a Night Vision infrared camera to enhance safety in low-light conditions. Additional features like Active Lane Assist, Blind Spot Assist, and an optional Head-Up Display ensure a safer, more informed driving experience.

Connectivity and Real-time Services

The Flying Spur leads its class with an array of connected car features, including an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot supporting up to eight devices. My Bentley services enhance the driving experience with functionalities like Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone integration and Satellite maps for advanced navigation. Safety services such as Private eCall provide peace of mind by facilitating immediate communication with Bentley’s call center in emergencies.

Tailored to the Hybrid Experience

For the Flying Spur Hybrid, connected car services extend to My Battery Charge, My Car Statistics, and My Cabin Comfort, providing detailed insights and control over the vehicle’s environmental footprint. Additional conveniences like Activate Lights and Horn, and Personal Navigation Assistant, underscore the thoughtful integration of technology designed to enhance user experience in any scenario.

Option Packages for Enhanced Customization

The Flying Spur’s technology is complemented by various option packages designed to simplify feature selection. City Specification and Touring Specification offer curated collections of features aimed at enhancing convenience and safety, from Hands-Free Boot Opening to Adaptive Cruise Control and beyond.

Digital and Interactive Displays

A fully configurable Digital Instrument Display and a large, 12.3-inch HD touchscreen cater to the driver’s preferences for information display and control, designed with simplicity and intuitive use in mind. These features highlight the Flying Spur’s commitment to enhancing the driving and travel experience, without overwhelming the essence of luxury and comfort that defines Bentley.

In every aspect, the technology within the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations is designed not to dominate but to enhance the luxury driving experience. Bentley’s forward-looking approach ensures that drivers and passengers alike enjoy unparalleled comfort, safety, and connectivity, setting new standards for what a luxury car can offer.

Dynamics: The Fusion of Power and Precision

2024 bentley flying spur dynamicsA Masterpiece of Engineering

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations represent a pinnacle of technological achievement, making it the ultimate four-door saloon in terms of dynamic performance. Its blend of state-of-the-art technologies elevates the driving experience to new heights, merging power with unparalleled precision.

Optimized Weight Distribution and Handling

A key to the Flying Spur’s enhanced dynamics is the forward positioning of the front axle, which significantly improves weight distribution. This adjustment, in harmony with active All-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Steering, and Bentley Dynamic Ride, refines dynamic precision, handling, and overall balance. The result is a vehicle that responds with agility and maintains poise across various driving conditions.

Advanced Transmission and All-Wheel Drive

The Flying Spur utilizes an 8-speed ZF dual-clutch transmission, mirroring the one found in the Continental GT, to ensure smooth acceleration, rapid gearshifts, and better fuel efficiency. This system optimizes gear changes by pre-selecting the next gear, minimizing torque interruption, and enhancing the car’s performance. The active all-wheel drive system dynamically distributes power between the front and rear axles based on driving conditions, ensuring optimal traction and drivability.

Enhanced Steering and Stability

The introduction of Electronic All-Wheel Steering marks a significant advancement in the Flying Spur’s maneuverability and stability. At low speeds, rear wheels steer opposite to the front, reducing the turning circle and enhancing agility—ideal for navigating tight spaces. At higher speeds, the rear wheels align with the front, bolstering confidence during lane changes and overtaking maneuvers, ensuring a seamless balance between high-speed confidence and low-speed convenience.

Suspension and Ride Comfort

Equipped with three-chamber air springs containing 60% more air volume compared to its predecessor, the Flying Spur offers a broad spectrum of suspension settings. From sporty stiffness to the pinnacle of luxury refinement, the Continuous Damping Control (CDC) and Bentley Dynamic Ride System adjust in real time to deliver an unrivaled ride experience. This innovative suspension setup ensures the Flying Spur remains composed and comfortable, irrespective of the driving mode selected.

Braking and Exhaust Sound

Sharing the largest iron brakes in the world with the Continental GT, the Flying Spur ensures stopping power is both immediate and aesthetically pleasing, with Bentley-branded calipers. An adaptive tailpipe control valve tunes the exhaust note, providing a refined sound within the cabin, perfect for ensuring the comfort of chauffeur-driven passengers.

The dynamic capabilities of the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations are a testament to Bentley’s commitment to engineering excellence. With its advanced all-wheel drive, innovative all-wheel steering, and adaptive suspension technologies, the Flying Spur stands as a beacon of luxury performance, offering a driving experience that is as exhilarating as it is refined.

Engineering Synergy: The Bentley and Porsche Alliance

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur benefits significantly from its shared engineering with the Porsche Panamera, thanks to the Volkswagen Group’s platform strategy. This collaboration has enhanced the Flying Spur’s dynamics, improving its weight distribution and handling characteristics. The integration of technologies like rear-wheel steering and an advanced 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, derived from the Porsche-developed MSB architecture, ensures a blend of agility and comfort, making the Flying Spur remarkably adept at high-speed cruising as well as navigating through urban environments with ease. This synergy between Bentley’s luxury craftsmanship and Porsche’s engineering excellence underlines the Flying Spur’s position as a leading luxury grand tourer, offering a unique combination of performance, luxury, and cutting-edge technology.

The Culmination of Unmatched Elegance and Innovation

2024 bentley flying spur configurations explainedAs we conclude our exploration of the 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations, it becomes evident that this vehicle is not just a car; it’s a statement of unparalleled luxury, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic performance. Bentley has once again set the benchmark for the luxury sedan segment, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create a vehicle that transcends expectations.

The Flying Spur’s design, both exterior and interior, reflects meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to providing a bespoke experience that is as unique as its owner. From the handcrafted cabin to the sculpted exterior, every inch of the Flying Spur exudes sophistication and class.

With its advanced powertrains, including the eco-conscious Hybrid option, Bentley not only promises but also delivers performance that is both thrilling and responsible. The integration of state-of-the-art technology and dynamic systems ensures that the Flying Spur offers a driving experience like no other, making every journey memorable.

The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur is more than just a luxury sedan; it’s a masterpiece of engineering and design, a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, and a beacon of technological innovation. It stands as a testament to Bentley’s vision of the future of luxury mobility, where excellence is not just achieved but surpassed.

In a world where luxury and performance are often seen as mutually exclusive, the Flying Spur stands as a monument to the possibility of their perfect harmony. It is a vehicle designed not just to meet the expectations of the most discerning clientele but to redefine them, offering an unparalleled blend of opulence, technology, and dynamism.

As this majestic vehicle makes its way onto the roads, it does so as the embodiment of Bentley’s enduring legacy and its commitment to the future. The 2024 Bentley Flying Spur configurations invite you to experience luxury reimagined, performance redefined, and craftsmanship at its zenith. This is not just the next chapter in Bentley’s storied history; it is a bold stride into the future of luxury automotive excellence.

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