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5 Ways to Get a Better Deal on Car Insurance

by Frank
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Car insurance is an unavoidable cost for many drivers, so minimizing the cost is always valuable. Many people are needlessly overpaying for their auto insurance, but by understanding how to search out the best prices, you can slash your bills and have more cash to spend on the things which matter. Here are five pointers to help lower your auto insurance.

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Auto Insurance Specialist

Before you begin trawling all the most frequent insurance companies, take the time to research some expert whose parameters that you might fall under. There are an array of specialist insurers on the market which give better deals to clients that meet certain criteria. Look for insurance companies that cover your specific set of personal conditions.

Age, sex and occupation are just some of the criteria that are catered to by specific car insurers and you may get a cheaper quote from them. Specific vehicles are also sometimes graced with their own insurers and some companies give better deals if the driver permits the installation of tracking software in their vehicle to analyze their driving style. Get quotes from any relevant specialists before comparing them to them more mainstream car insurance companies.

Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Auto insurance comparison websites are a well known and essential part of a quest for cheaper auto insurance. After entering your details once, comparison websites give you a range of quotes from many unique businesses that you can sort and compare at your leisure. They’re a terrific way to get an overview of the marketplace and frequently the best way to find a inexpensive auto insurance deal, but they are not 100% dependable.

Individual auto insurance quotes can occasionally be hours or days , so that they are liable to change when you click through to the source site. Not all carriers are on comparison websites so although they’re a fantastic jumping off stage, they should not compromise the entirety of your search if you’re looking for the absolute best deal.


Excess is the amount of money you agree to pay if you file a claim. The quantity of excess will directly impact the premiums you are offered. A higher excess will lower your monthly or annual payments but will, of course, mean you must part with more money in the event of a claim.

You want to weigh your choices and make a considered decision on how much excess you wish to pay. If you’re in a position to have the ability to pay for the unexpected cost a claim attracts, then you can set the surplus greater and benefit from a much better bargain.

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Personal Details

Your personal details may have a significant, yet unpredictable influence on the price of your car insurance coverage. It’s hard to understand how each element will affect the price of your automobile insurance, so experiment a bit to get the best bargain.

Do not lie when you input your details, but if there’s more than 1 option that applies to you, they them to see how they change the purchase price. By way of instance, if your specific job title is not’ recorded, but could reasonably encounter one of two names recorded, cost whichever one results from the more affordable insurance quote.


You can leverage the competitiveness of the automobile insurance industry to your benefit. Insurers want your business but they understand most people do not haggle, so will not provide you with the best car insurance quote straight away. Whether you are a new client or your insurance is up for renewal, it is always worth haggling for a better price.

Play different companies off each other by challenging them to beat a lower quote and be prepared to walk away. Most insurance companies have a lot of wiggle-room in their opening offers and if they’re not prepared to reduce the price, another company will be.


Car insurance is an inescapable fact of car ownership. Fortunately, the market is saturated and desirable deals are continually to be had. By shopping around and no longer committing to the primary corporation that offers you a quote, you could save a large chew of coins in your vehicle coverage.

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