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Air Door Actuator Locations: 1988-94 Chevy and GMC Truck

by Frank

I replaced the air door actuator in my 1994 Chevy Cheyenne C1500 and it’s a real fiddly job. The part is located under the dashboard on the passenger side up near the firewall. Well, I should say this particular air door actuator was located there. The 1988-94 Chevy and GMC truck has three air door actuators and they each do something different.

In this blog post, you will find an exploded dashboard view of the 1988-94 Chevy and GMC trucks. You will clearly be able to see the locations of each blend door actuator. To further assist you, I have also included a detailed description of what each air door actuator does.

If you are having air door actuator issues I hope this information serves as a guide to help you diagnose and repair your 1988-94 Chevy and GMC truck. I am very happy to no longer hear that clicking sound under my dash when I turn the key!

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Air Door Actuator Locations: 1988-1994 Chevy/GMC Truck

air door actuator locations

There are three air door actuators in the 1988-94 Chevy and GMC truck. On the heater, there are three actuator motors. One on the driver’s side floor, one near the center, and one near the right cowl region near the blower. See figures 12,13 and 14 in the diagram above to see locations. Read the information below to see learn their specific names and functions.

With the age of these trucks, these motors are prone to failure, and sometimes the only solution is to simply replace them. The actuator is controlled electronically. The plastic gears within actuators can become worn over time. This could lead to them failing. A clicking sound when the ignition is turned is an indicator of a defective actuator.

It is critical to order the precise actuator with the exact position and function required when replacing an air door actuator. Many actuators resemble one another yet perform distinct roles based on the vehicle’s settings, such as automatic vs manual climate control. Before ordering any air door actuator, double-check the vent position and function, as well as the vehicle specifications.

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Blend Door Actuator Functions

  • MODE SELECTOR – The mode actuator (fig.12) controls the direction of airflow. The Mode door is on the left side of the heater core box, which is beneath the center of the dashboard.
  • HEATER BLEND DOOR – The blend door actuator (fig.13) is controlled by the vehicle’s climate controls. The Blend Door and the Mode Door actuator are identical parts.
  • AIR INLET – This actuator (fig.14) which is located on the passenger side controls the fresh and recirculating air. The recirculating door actuator, I believe, is similar, if not the same, as the other two actuators.

For me, the clicking noise was coming from the Air Inlet Actuator and that’s probably the toughest one to replace. I bought my replacement air door actuator on LMC Truck, but you can also find these same parts on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this information useful. I recommend replacing the right actuator when you need to fix a blend door because it’s hard to get to these parts behind the dashboard. Make sure you know what kind of actuator you’re going to change before you do it. If you have any useful information to add to this blog post, email me.

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