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5 Reasons to Have Dealership Maintenance and Repairs

by Frank
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Athletes train with one coach, and you have one primary doctor. However, many car owners buy tires from one company, have their oil changed at another company, and visit a third company for other maintenance and repairs. At your dealership, a knowledgeable expert will monitor the overall condition of your car to provide the best performance and safest environment for your family. Your vehicle will last longer, and you can worry less about your family when they travel in your car.

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Your Dealer Uses OEM Parts

The manufacturer chose the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to provide the best performance. The service center at your dealership stocks those OEM parts to maintain your car’s performance, and since they have the parts in stock, you won’t have to wait for a third party to deliver them. Dealerships also use equipment that works best with their brand. A non-OEM part that damages your car can void the warranty.

The importance of OEM parts includes the tires. The original tires provided the most comfortable ride and the best handling. When replaced with identical tires, you regain the original ride and handling. The service center at your dealership also stocks the OEM tires. In addition, they provide the best specialty tires, such as rain or snow tires, needed for your car in your area.

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Your Dealer Records All Maintenance and Repairs

When you take your car to your dealer, the service center will maintain the records of all maintenance and repairs like your doctor maintains your medical records. When you take your vehicle back to the dealership, they can refer to the information to provide better service. They can also use the data to send you service reminders and recall notices.

Your Dealer Employs Factory-trained Technicians

The manufacturer provides brand-specific training for the technicians at your dealership. Since the technicians are trained, experienced, and informed of inside brand information on your car, they can diagnose and repair issues better than technicians elsewhere. Dealerships also expect a higher level of professionalism and attention to customer service.

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Your Dealer Honors Company Service Plans

You can purchase service plans when you buy your car. These service plans provide benefits, such as pre-paid maintenance, guaranteed prices for parts and labor, discounts on accessories and other items, pre-scheduled maintenance, OEM parts, roadside assistance, towing, lockout assistance, and reimbursement for interrupted trips. So, you can save money by taking your car to your dealership and using your service plan. In addition, your dealer may send you service coupons, alert you to special pricing on routine maintenance work, and provide a multi-point vehicle inspection.

Your Dealer Also Honors Your Car’s Warranty

Your car’s warranty covers many repairs, and taking your vehicle to the dealership ensures that your warranty remains active. Your coverage isn’t voided if someone else works on it. However, if a non-OEM part causes an issue, the warranty is void. If it covers a repair, you save money by having the work done at the dealership.

Your Dealer Provides This Routine Maintenance

The technicians will change the oil, air filter, and spark plugs and check the battery, tire air pressure, brake system, hoses, belts, and fluids. Any worn parts will be replaced, and the tires will be rotated. You won’t pay for maintenance covered by a service plan.

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