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How Auto Shipping on eBay Works

by Frank
ebay auto shipping

As one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, eBay is a wonderful place to purchase your next car or truck. But because the vehicle probably won’t fit inside your mailbox, you’ll want to find another way to get it to your dwelling. This report discusses how an experienced auto shipping company or service can help deliver your new vehicle to your residence.

Needless to say, you always have the choice of driving or flying to the vehicle’s location. You may then meet with the buyer, take ownership of the car, and drive it all the way home again. However, based on how far off the car is, this process could potentially take days and will add hundreds or even thousands of unnecessary miles on to your new car’s odometer. Fortunately, there are better means of going about car transport.

How Does eBay Auto Shipping Work?

Automobile shipping on eBay works similarly to just about any other type of shipping. The seller leaves the product with the shipper who then transfers it to the purchaser. In the case of automobile transport, you can generally expect it to work somewhat like this:

  • The eBay seller brings the vehicle to a pre-determined drop-off point.
  • The auto shipping company loads the vehicle onto their car transport truck and sets off.
  • When the vehicle is delivered it’s inspected and signed-off on by the purchaser.

When the vehicle has been delivered and signed-off on, the purchaser will then be free to take it out on the open road. The automobile shipping procedure really is that simple.

How Long Does the eBay Auto Shipping Process Take?

As you would expect, there’s absolutely no such thing as a normal delivery period in the auto transport industry. The shipping time will be highly determined by a variety of different variables – most notably the distance to be traveled.

Your preferred auto shipping company will be able to provide you with an exact timeline before you book together, but you can use the following information for a ballpark estimate in the meantime:

  • Less than 500 miles: 3-6 days
  • 500 to 1,000 miles: 7-13 days
  • 1,000 to 1,500 miles: 14 – 20 days
  • More than 1,500 miles: 21+ days

You should also note that deliveries may take somewhat longer if the weather is very harmful or there are other unavoidable delays. As always, your vehicle shipper will keep you in the loop on any modifications.

eBay Auto Shipping Alternatives

ebay auto shipping alternatives

The first step in transporting a car you purchased on eBay is taking the opportunity to thoroughly assess all the options available rather than simply assuming that the only option is auto shipping. Oftentimes, shipping a car should be a last resort, not the first choice.

And, while there are clearly instances, like when the vehicle is abroad when shipping is the sole option, it’s still a massive expense and a complicated procedure. Therefore, before going on with shipping a vehicle, carefully consider it against the other choices.


The simplest way to recover a car purchased online is by way of driving over with somebody else and simply picking up the vehicle. This is obviously the best solution for people that have a ride and whose new cars are within a reasonable radius, say a couple hundred miles. Buyers who bought their cars through a dealer can arrange to meet at the dealership and find all the paperwork completed within a single day.


It’s the choice of flying to get a car that’s the one most people today weigh against auto shipping services. Before continuing the process of car transport, take some opportunity to assess the positives and negatives of shipping vs. flying to get a vehicle and carefully consider which is more appealing.


Like many decisions, this one comes down to the individual circumstances of the sale and the ability of the purchaser to perform. What it illustrates, however, is that the first step of evaluation should include looking at both these options to determine which is actually the better bargain.

Looking into eBay Auto Shipping Costs

ebay auto shipping costs

After a buyer has decided that he or she wants to ship the vehicle via a careful evaluation of all the other possibilities for getting this car, the next step is assessing shipping costs. There are four unique ways to do this.

Use a Broker

Lots of individuals simply do not have enough time or energy to mess with numerous auto shipping companies so as to send a car they purchased online. For these folks, the best alternative would be to work through a broker.

The only way to send a vehicle is on a large transport truck that has the ability to hold multiple cars simultaneously. Nevertheless, these trucks will only roll when they’re filled. Therefore, buyers that are looking for a fast turnaround might want to work through a transportation dealer to discover a truck that has an open slot. Sometimes these traders can negotiate a cheaper price; nonetheless, they will have to get paid as well which may increase the entire cost of shipping.

Be Your Own Broker

Buyers that are interested in eliminating the middleman when transporting their car can become agents themselves by phoning multiple auto shipping companies and inquiring about their policies and prices. There are two big drawbacks to this method. First, it’s time-consuming. Secondly, individuals without connections with transportation companies seldom qualify for great shipping deals.

Instead, the best deals will most likely come together with the widest windows of dispatch. Some businesses require buyers to wait as long as 18-21 days for the delivery of the car as the delivery truck moves through multiple important hubs throughout the nation.

Locate a Car with a Shipping Option

Another alternative available to customers who purchase their car on eBay is to just work with sites and sellers that include shipping as part of the particulars of their sale.

This is most frequently associated with eBay Motors where many dealerships make it possible for buyers to check out shipping prices and options before the purchase of their vehicle. In such cases, the shipping charges may be an extra cost, but the arrangements are made through the dealership and so much less of a hassle to the purchaser.

Users who purchase a car on eBay may have the option of including shipping along with their purchase. Many dealers who market on eBay Motors include shipping quotes or aid along with the listings of the automobiles. This will obviously differ from car to car and dealer to dealer, however, meaning users will have to look closely at the listings page on any vehicle they consider buying from eBay. eBay also provides advice on shipping automobiles bought via the website.

Browser eBay for Auto Shipping

Finally, eBay users have another option for shipping cars purchased online, whether or not the car was purchased on eBay or elsewhere. This choice comes from auto transport companies and traders who really offer their services for purchase through eBay.

Interested users can sign into their eBay accounts and then search for “auto shipping” from the primary search bar. From there, many options will pop up that gives users the option of several different transportation agencies located across the nation.

eBay Auto Shipping Tips

ebay auto shipping tips

Besides the many options available for pricing the transport prices for a car purchased online, there are a few additional steps buyers can take to ensure a quick, successful, and stress-free delivery experience. Mostly, this involves understanding the secrets of the auto shipping business and taking care to secure your purchase.

Location, Location, Location

Since most auto transporters travel on regular routes, hitting major highways and the cities that they connect, the positioning of the auto purchase and its final destination will impact the purchase price of shipping.

Consequently, if it’s likely to pick up the car nearby at a significant city, buyers can save big on auto shipping costs. The difference in transport from a small town auto dealership when compared with your city-based dealership may offset any cost differentials on the automobile itself.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Another crucial factor in determining the purchase price of auto transport is the size and weight of the vehicle. If debating between two dimensions of the car, do not forget that the smaller, lighter weight you will cost less to ship and probably save on gas also.

It is the Season, or Not

The volume of traffic on the streets, demand for automobile shipment, and the relative workload of the truckers will affect the whole price of transport. Normally, trucks are emptier in the winter season, leaving room for some savings. Those traveling in the opposite direction might be able to snag a reduction as the transporters will need to fill up for their return trips.

Consider Your Vehicle

The more cash paid for the vehicle, the more specific buyers should be about its method of transportation. A brand new car or luxury autos should be sent in enclosed carriers whereas older, less expensive versions can travel in the less-expensive open-air edition.

Additionally, be certain that you protect this valuable automobile that just bought. Alternately, be certain that your personal car insurance includes comprehensive coverage that will include any damage sustained to your car during shipment.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car on eBay can be a wonderful way to discover a fantastic car at an even greater price. If uncertainty regarding how you would be able to get the car delivered to your home was stopping you from making your purchase, you need worry no longer.

These days, the allure of buying cars online is terrific. With physical dealerships struggling to keep up with the steep competition of online retailers and websites such as eBay Motors, customers are now finding it difficult not to buy cars online. However, the problem with this method of purchasing is that there’s not any guarantee that the car that you purchased online will probably be close enough to pick up. So, buyers will need to know how to send these automobiles.


The first step to sending a car you purchased online is making certain shipping is actually the best option. After determining that transport is, in reality, necessary, there are four major alternatives. This includes using a delivery broker, being your own agent, purchasing a car with a delivery option, or using eBay to obtain an automobile transport company.

Finally, no matter the dispatch method a buyer finally chooses, there are a few important ideas to bear in mind. This includes understanding the secrets of the automobile shipment industry like location, size, and season so as to get a better shipping cost. Additionally, it involves protecting the vehicle from any possible damage.

By working with a knowledgeable auto shipping company, your new automobile will be sitting in your driveway before too long. Using the suggestions and the tips outlined in this guide will help anyone easily and effectively send a car purchased online.

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