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10 Must-Have Family Car Features

by Frank
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When you are a parent, small things can make a large difference, particularly when it concerns the use of the family car. Parents often make decisions for reasons that nobody else could think of since they know how small things make life simpler. So what features does a family car need to have? Which ones can you live without?

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10 Family Car Features

Parents normally have definite ideas about what works and what does not for their unique household, and frequently make decisions for reasons no one else would think about. Practicality and user-friendliness are very important to a busy parent who is constantly on the move with the tribe. So which of these 10 family car features is on your own list? Which ones are desired but not essential?

Between road trips and the daily commute to college, work and home again, households spend a whole lot of time inside their cars. Fortunately, today’s modern cars provide many different entertainment, convenience and safety features which make life a bit easier when out with the family.

Seating configuration

In many larger family vans and 4WDs, seating setup is crucial. Whether you prefer three rows of chairs or two, having the ability to access the chairs means the gap between buckling young kids in their car seats effortlessly or performing the job with difficulty.

Whenever you need to do it on a daily basis, it may be annoying and time-consuming to be unable to readily reach the seats that your kids are in to help them with their seatbelt buckle. Some parents insist on having a family car with a walkway to the back row so that they can easily get to the children in the back.

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Luggage space

In days gone by, driving a large car or a different kind of family hauler often meant a compromise with luggage space. There could have been plenty of available seating, but there was nowhere to place luggage for this number of family. Nowadays, customer demand has seen the luggage space situation improve in minivans and large cars, but there are still models offering better storage features than others.

If luggage space is a necessity in your next automobile, research the features thoroughly; the configuration can make a big difference in ease of use and convenience. By way of instance, if a vehicle delivers a little floor area but a large vertical space for luggage, it means you’ll be piling items of luggage along with one another. A larger floor space signifies the luggage design will be flat but might not let it be stacked as high.

Fold-down seats

Many families find fold-down seating invaluable for leaving the children at home with a single parent while the other loads up the car with the weekly grocery store. They’re also helpful for bulky sports equipment, big strollers or excursions to the neighborhood hardware store, and several parents say they would not select a car without this option.

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Reverse parking camera

Many new vehicles are fitted with reverse parking cameras as standard equipment, but they may also be bought as an after-market alternative. If you drop your children off at school or regularly see areas where kids are about, this is an important defense feature. You’ll have greater peace of mind in regards to your children too as you’ll know that if somebody is unexpectedly close to the car, the camera will do its job and warn you.

Safety rating

Safety ratings differ between countries, but many parents insist on using a family car with a five-star safety rating, or what’s the finest available. Naturally, this usually comes at a cost so based upon your budget, you may need to shop around to get an older version or settle for a lesser security rating that still offers security features which you’re comfortable with.

Four doors or automatic sliding doors

In case you’ve got a family van, four doors are essential for permitting you to access either side of the vehicle to buckle in children (or solve the occasional dispute). Some parents find automatic sliding doors a useful feature; instead of needing to get out and close the door once somebody forgot, they could do it in the press of a button.

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Child-friendly features

There are lots of child-friendly features to select from, and those options come down to personal taste and your family’s needs. Some of the child-friendly characteristics include:

  • Second and third-row DVD players
  • Rear and side window shades for kids.
  • Power outlets and USB ports for electronic gadgets.
  • Lots of cup holders.
  • Tri-Zone heating and air conditioning for the back row(s).
  • Fold-down tables in the rear of the chairs for eating and playing games.
  • Trash container
  • Entertainment system with multiple headphone jacks and several media features.
  • Convex mirrors that enable you to see into the rear of the car to check on the children.

Bluetooth Phone

Nowadays, Bluetooth systems can do more than simply hook up with your cell phone. You can use them to make calls and also receive and respond to text messages all hands-free. Many busy parents find this sort of technology tremendously useful as they go about their everyday business.

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Safety features

Safety features which may make your must-have list comprise anti-lock brakes, airbags (that are standard in most cars) and inflatable seat belts.

Programmable keys

A programmable key provides the car owner control even if someone else is driving it. For instance, if a teenage driver is going out in the family car, a programmable key may set the maximum rate of speed at which the vehicle may travel. Other features like the radio receiver are also programmed with the key.


While each one of the above mention family car features is desired in some manner, chances are, you’ll need to pick which ones are must-haves and which ones you can do without. Budget limitations or lack of accessibility in the most desired models means that a few features will probably be just a wonderful idea. But, you can still enjoy lots of the normal features of newer automobiles, so you and your family will enjoy comfortable motoring for years to come.

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