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How to Check If Your Car Has Been Recalled

by Frank
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It’s not uncommon to hear of a mass recall of vehicles due to faulty brake lines or problems with the wheels. When a recall is intense and widespread, it’s normally very well reported so you’re most likely to hear about it. But not all recalls will affect a high number of vehicles and they might not even be to get a critical matter. As such, it’s a great idea to understand how to look at your vehicle for smaller, less renowned recalls.

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How to Find if Your Car Has Been Recalled

For many recalls, even minor ones, your automobile manufacturer will send you a notification in the mail. Needless to say, manufacturers may not have a current address for you or even know that you have one of the cars, so it’s possible that you might miss this telling entirely.

Due to these possible communication difficulties, the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has produced a simple method to confirm the recall status of any motor vehicle. You will simply have to visit their site (nhtsa.gov) and put in your car’s VIN in their search box. For those who have problems finding your VIN, then it ought to be written on your vehicle registration card along with your insurance records (search for the 17-digit code).

What to do if you’ve been alerted

In case the NHTSA alerts you about a recall on your car or truck, you will then have to schedule a consultation with a local dealership that services the manufacturer of your car. Needless to say, your fix will be free of charge. If you can not get an appointment straight away, do not worry. Vehicles are usually safe to drive under recall unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer.

To be certain that you have the ability to remain on top of any prospective recalls that could be issued for your car or truck, you will simply have to sign up for email alerts from the NHTSA. They’ll send you an immediate notification if any future repairs are necessary.


Though managing a car recall is never an enjoyable experience, it does not automatically indicate that your car is unreliable, dangerous or poorly constructed. Broadly, a recall might just be a problem with one specific part of a vehicle. Your automobile should still be working well once the repairs are completed. However, if you would like to attempt and avoid recalls on any future vehicles you may buy, you can always hunt online for information on which producers have the lowest recall prices.

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