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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Old Car Running Forever

by Frank
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With so many older cars on the street, preventative maintenance is as crucial as ever. For those that have an old car and do not have the luxury of a bumper-to-bumper guarantee, it is important to keep together with the fundamentals so they don’t add up to something larger and costlier.

With numerous older cars on the road, preventative care is equally as critical as ever. For the ones that have old cars and don’t have the luxury of a bumper-to-bumper warranty, it’s crucial to keep with all the principles so that they do not add up to something bigger and more expensive.

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7 Easy Things That Will Keep Your Car Running Forever

Cars represent a significant source of leisure and utility but can become costly if owners don’t maintain them. Preventive maintenance is the trick to keeping repairs in check with older vehicles. The more you learn about automobiles, the more you will probably save money on repairs.

If you only rely on a mechanic to do all of the thinking and you ignore maintenance, be ready to pay extremely large repair bills. The following advice can help keep your old car running indefinitely without always ending up at the repair shop.

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Cut Down on Driving

reduce your driving

By cutting back on the number of miles you drive on a weekly basis, you will spend less on gas and maintenance since there’ll be less wear and tear on your old car. Think of strategies to reduce driving by walking, riding a bike, carpooling or taking public transport.

You will still have to drive your vehicle once in a while to make certain fluids circulate and parts do not rust but attempt to make shorter trips when possible. Even carpooling a couple of days each week can help boost your car’s longevity. You do not need to get rid of recreational driving entirely, but try to concentrate on restricting your joy rides.

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Don’t Floor It

avoid gunning the accelerator

Since traffic laws continue to have stricter rather than more lenient, try to forget about the fantasy of being a race car driver on city roads and highways. Just because you’ve got a car that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds does not mean that you should benefit from that feature.

Slower acceleration is a lot gentler on an old car’s overall health. Even once you start your car in the morning, you do not need to rev up the motor considerably, particularly in cold weather.

Why Car Maintenance Is Important

Keep Your Eye on the Engine

pay attention to engine

Whenever you see anything odd with the motor, get it checked immediately. A loud ticking noise from the engine or a screechy sound when you start the car may signal a significant problem that is only going to get worse if you ignore it.

If the engine does not have an issue, look at obtaining a quote for repairs so you are not driving around and potentially doing more damage to the engine of your old car.Β The engine is very much like the heart of your old vehicle and needs to be clean, particularly within the cylinders walls and other drivetrain components.

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Get Oil Changes Regularly (and change other fluids)

change the oil and fluids regularly

Ignoring your oil entirely is a guaranteed recipe for disaster which may eventually result in a seized engine, that will be costly to replace. Read your manual and check the manufacturer’s recommendation for how often the oil ought to be changed, which is commonly every 1000 to 3000 miles.

Vital fluids also have to be checked periodically to be sure that they are at optimal levels, particularly when seasons change.

Travel Light

don't store heavy objects

If you don’t drive a large truck, there is no reason to keep heavy items stored in your vehicle all the time. This excess weight may wear out your tires faster and can place a general strain on the motor vehicle.

It is fine to transfer objects that fit in your vehicle but find a more suitable storage unit for long intervals. So far as keeping the vehicle itself, it is always better to keep it in a garage or carport as opposed to out on the road, particularly in the winter.

Get Tune-Ups and Other Maintainance

engine tune up

Use your manufacturer’s guide to judge how frequently to receive a complete tune-up. As many older cars may need more frequent tune-ups, it is a fantastic idea to have your car checked by a knowledgeable professional a few times a year.

A clogged fuel line might not be obvious but can have adverse effects on gas mileage, as worn plugs and wires can decrease efficiency. Most of all, make sure all safety features, like brakes, are in top shape at all times.

Checking your tires every now and then can help prevent an accident because tires can blow up if they go bald. When tires get smooth on internal borders, it can mean that you will need a front end alignment.

Get a Trustworthy Mechanic

honest mechanic

Try to discover a seasoned mechanic that you can trust. Many mechanisms over-charge because of consumer ignorance. An independent mechanic in Orange County who is ASE certified and has his own little shop may provide you a much better deal than nationally recognized automotive repair shops.


Yes, it can possibly take more time, effort and money to keep an old car running, but it’s worth it. Hopefully, you found a lot of value and actionable steps in this article to help you keep your old car, truck or SUV on the road for years to come.

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