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The Best Classic Car Accessories

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best classic car accessories

Best Classic Car Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading and Personalizing Your Classic Automobile”

Classic cars have always held a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. These timeless vehicles remind us of a golden era of engineering and design, and their resurgence in popularity has led to a boom in the restoration industry. As more and more people invest in these vintage beauties, accessorizing and personalizing them becomes crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the best classic car accessories that you need to make your vintage ride stand out on the road.

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Interior Accessories: Enhancing Comfort and Style

One of the key aspects of a classic car is its unique interior, which often boasts features that you won’t find in modern vehicles. To preserve and enhance the charm of your classic car’s cabin, consider investing in some of the best classic car accessories designed specifically for the interior.

A. Steering Wheel Covers: Classic Grip and Style

The steering wheel is the focal point of your car’s interior and one of the most crucial points of contact between you and your vehicle. A stylish and comfortable steering wheel cover can go a long way in enhancing your driving experience.

  1. Benefits of Using Steering Wheel Covers
  • Improved grip and control
  • Protection for the original steering wheel material
  • Enhanced comfort during long drives
  • Personalization with various colors and designs
  1. Popular Materials and Styles
  • Leather: Luxurious feel and timeless elegance
  • Wood grain: Classic look that complements many vintage car interiors
  • Racing-inspired designs: For those who appreciate performance and sporty aesthetics
  1. Top Brands and Recommendations
  • Wheelskins: High-quality leather covers in various colors
  • Grant: Classic and racing-inspired designs
  • Speedway Motors: A range of materials and styles, including LeatherΒ  and Aluminum materials

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B. Classic Car Floor Mats: Protect and Personalize Your Cabin

A well-maintained interior is crucial for preserving the value of your classic car, and floor mats play an essential role in keeping your cabin clean and protected.

  1. Importance of Protecting Your Car’s Flooring
  • Prevents damage from dirt, moisture, and wear
  • Easier to clean and maintain than your car’s original flooring
  • Enhances the overall look of your car’s interior
  1. Vintage and Custom Floor Mat Options
  • Custom embroidered mats: Add your car’s logo or a personalized design
  • Classic loop or plush carpet mats: Provide a luxurious feel and complement your car’s interior
  • Rubber or all-weather mats: Durable protection against the elements
  1. Best Sources for Classic Car Floor Mats
C. Vintage-Style Gauges: Keep an Eye on Your Car’s Performance

Monitoring your classic car’s performance is essential for maintaining its health and longevity. Vintage-style gauges allow you to keep track of vital information while preserving the original aesthetic of your car’s dashboard.

  1. Importance of Monitoring Your Car’s Performance
  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Ensures optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency
  • Enhances the driving experience by providing real-time data
  1. Types of Gauges
  • Speedometer: Measures your car’s speed
  • Tachometer: Monitors engine RPM
  • Oil pressure, coolant temperature, and fuel level gauges: Provide essential information about your car’s vital systems
  1. Popular Classic Gauge Brands and Designs
  • Classic Instruments: Vintage-style gauges with modern technology
  • AutoMeter: A wide range of classic and performance-oriented gauges
  • Stewart-Warner: Timeless designs and reliable performance
D. Retro Sound Systems: Modern Audio Meets Vintage Aesthetics

Maintaining the classic look of your car’s interior doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice modern audio capabilities. Retro sound systems allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes while preserving the vintage charm of your classic car.

  1. Blending Modern Technology With Vintage Aesthetics
  • Retro-styled head units with modern features like Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Hidden sound systems that maintain the original look of your dashboard
  • Upgraded speakers designed to fit in original factory locations
  1. Top Classic Car Sound System Brands
  • RetroSound: Vintage-styled head units with modern features
  • Custom Autosound: Hidden sound systems and classic car-specific speaker options
  • Kicker: High-quality speakers and audio components for upgraded sound
  1. Installation Tips
  • Research the specific audio components that fit your car’s make and model
  • Consider professional installation to ensure proper fit and function
  • Prioritize maintaining the original look and feel of your car’s interior

Exterior Accessories: Show Off Your Classic Car’s Personality

The exterior of your classic car is the first thing people notice, and it’s essential to keep it looking its best. With the right accessories, you can enhance your car’s appearance while also protecting it from the elements.

A. Classic Car Covers: Protect Your Investment from the Elements

A high-quality car cover is one of the best classic car accessories to protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and harsh weather conditions when it’s not in use.

  1. Protecting Your Investment from the Elements
  • Shields your car’s paint and exterior from UV damage, rain, snow, and debris
  • Prevents scratches and dings caused by falling objects or other hazards
  • Helps maintain your car’s value and appearance over time
  1. Types of Car Covers and Materials
  • Indoor covers: Lightweight and breathable for protection against dust and minor impacts
  • Outdoor covers: Waterproof and UV-resistant materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Custom-fit covers: Designed specifically for your car’s make and model to ensure a snug and secure fit
  1. Recommendations for the Best Classic Car Covers
  • Covercraft: High-quality, custom-fit car covers in various materials and styles
  • California Car Cover Co.: A wide range of options for indoor and outdoor protection
  • CarCapsule: Inflatable car storage solutions for ultimate protection against the elements
B. Vintage License Plate Frames: Add a Touch of Style

A stylish license plate frame can give your classic car’s exterior that extra touch of personality and class.

  1. Enhancing Your Car’s Look With Stylish Frames
  • Adds a finishing touch to your car’s exterior
  • Showcases your personal style or pays tribute to your car’s heritage
  • Replaces old or damaged license plate frames
  1. Popular Materials and Designs
  • Chrome or stainless steel: A classic, polished look that complements many classic car styles
  • Custom engraved frames: Personalize your frame with your car’s make, model, or other unique details
  • Vintage-themed designs: Frames featuring retro logos, emblems, or patterns
  1. Where to Find the Perfect License Plate Frame
  • Car shows and swap meets: A great source for unique and vintage-inspired frames
  • Online retailers: Wide selection of custom and classic license plate frames
  • Specialty shops: Retailers that specialize in classic car accessories often carry a variety of license plate frame options
C. Classic Car Emblems and Decals: Showcasing Your Car’s History and Personality

Emblems and decals are essential components of your classic car’s exterior, allowing you to showcase its history and make it truly unique.

  1. Showcasing Your Car’s History and Personality
  • Displays your car’s make, model, and heritage
  • Highlights special editions or unique features of your classic car
  • Adds a personal touch that reflects your passion for vintage automobiles
  1. Restoring and Replacing Emblems
  • Replace damaged or missing emblems to maintain your car’s original appearance
  • Choose reproduction emblems that closely resemble the originals for an authentic look
  • Clean and polish existing emblems to preserve their shine and condition
  1. Sourcing Unique Decals for Your Classic Car
  • Explore online marketplaces for a wide selection of vintage-inspired decals
  • Attend car shows and swap meets to find rare and unique options
  • Collaborate with a custom decal shop to create a design that truly reflects your car’s personality

Performance Accessories: Boost Your Classic Car’s Capabilities

While the aesthetics of a classic car are undoubtedly important, performance upgrades can greatly enhance your overall driving experience. With the right performance accessories, you can improve your car’s power, handling, and safety.

A. Performance Air Filters: Breathe New Life into Your Engine

One of the best classic car accessories for improving engine performance is a high-quality air filter. An upgraded air filter can increase your engine’s efficiency and power output.

  1. Increasing Engine Efficiency and Power
  • Enhances airflow, allowing your engine to “breathe” more effectively
  • Improves combustion, leading to increased horsepower and torque
  • Prolongs engine life by trapping contaminants that can cause wear and damage
  1. Selecting the Right Air Filter for Your Classic Car
  • Choose a performance air filter designed specifically for your car’s make and model
  • Consider reusable filters that can be cleaned and re-oiled for long-term use
  • Look for trusted brands with a reputation for quality and performance
  1. Top-Performance Air Filter Brands
  • K&N: High-quality, reusable filters with a million-mile warranty
  • Spectre: Performance air filters in various styles and sizes
  • AEM: Dryflow filters that require no oiling, making maintenance easy
B. Classic Car Exhaust Systems: Unleash Your Car’s True Sound and Power

Upgrading your classic car’s exhaust system not only enhances its sound but also improves performance by reducing backpressure and increasing exhaust flow.

  1. Boosting Performance and Sound
  • Improved exhaust flow allows for increased horsepower and torque
  • Enhances the iconic rumble of a classic car’s engine
  • Replaces old, rusted, or damaged exhaust components
  1. Choosing the Right Exhaust System for Your Car
  • Research exhaust systems designed specifically for your car’s make and model
  • Consider stainless steel systems for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Look for performance-oriented systems that optimize sound and power
  1. Popular Exhaust System Manufacturers and Recommendations
  • Flowmaster: Iconic sound and performance with various series to choose from
  • MagnaFlow: High-quality stainless steel systems for a smooth, deep tone
  • Borla: Performance exhaust systems with a focus on horsepower and torque gains
C. Suspension and Braking Upgrades: Optimize Handling and Safety

Upgrading your classic car’s suspension and braking systems is essential for improved handling, safety, and overall driving enjoyment.

  1. Importance of Optimizing Handling and Safety
  • Enhances steering response and cornering ability
  • Reduces body roll and improves ride quality
  • Improves stopping power and reduces brake fade
  1. Classic Car Suspension and Brake Upgrade Options
  • Performance shock absorbers and springs for improved handling
  • Sway bars to reduce body roll during cornering
  • Disc brake conversion kits for increased stopping power
  1. Recommended Brands and Kits
  • QA1: Performance suspension components, including shocks, springs, and sway bars
  • Wilwood: High-performance disc brake conversion kits and components
  • Eibach: Performance springs and suspension upgrades

Must-Have Tools and Equipment: Maintain and Enjoy Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car comes with its fair share of maintenance and upkeep. By investing in the right tools and equipment, you can ensure that your vintage ride remains in top condition while also making the most of your time behind the wheel.

A. Detailing Supplies: Keep Your Classic Car Looking Its Best

Maintaining your classic car’s appearance is crucial for preserving its value and turning heads wherever you go. Investing in high-quality detailing supplies can make all the difference in keeping your car looking pristine.

  1. Importance of Maintaining Your Car’s Appearance
  • Protects your car’s paint and exterior from damage and fading
  • Enhances the look and feel of your car’s interior
  • Helps maintain your car’s value and overall appeal
  1. Essential Detailing Products for Classic Cars
  • Car wash soap and microfiber mitts for gentle, effective cleaning
  • Clay bars and detailing sprays to remove contaminants and restore shine
  • Wax and polish products to protect and enhance your car’s paint
  1. Trusted Brands and Recommendations
B. Portable Jump Starters: Be Prepared for Battery Issues

A dead battery can leave you stranded, so it’s essential to be prepared for this common issue, especially when driving a classic car. A portable jump starter is one of the best classic car accessories to keep on hand for emergencies.

  1. The Value of Being Prepared for Battery Issues
  • Ensures you can quickly and easily jump-start your car without relying on another vehicle
  • Portable and compact design makes it easy to store in your trunk
  • Can also provide power to charge phones and other devices in a pinch
  1. Choosing the Right Jump Starter for Your Classic Car
  • Select a jump starter with enough power to start your car’s engine
  • Look for features like reverse polarity protection and built-in flashlights for added safety and convenience
  • Read reviews and compare specs to find the best option for your needs
  1. Best Portable Jump Starter Brands
  • NOCO: High-quality jump starters with various power capacities
  • Clore Automotive: Compact and powerful jump starters from the Jump-N-Carry line
  • Schumacher Electric: Reliable and versatile jump starters for various vehicle types
C. Classic Car Repair Manuals: Master the Art of Maintenance

To properly maintain and troubleshoot your classic car, it’s essential to have a comprehensive repair manual on hand. These guides can provide invaluable information on maintaining, repairing, and restoring your vintage ride.

  1. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Classic Car
  • Detailed information on routine maintenance procedures
  • Step-by-step instructions for common repairs and upgrades
  • Wiring diagrams and schematics for electrical systems
  1. Finding the Right Repair Manual for Your Make and Model
  • Search for original factory service manuals, often available through online marketplaces
  • Consult aftermarket repair manuals from trusted publishers like Haynes and Chilton
  • Explore online resources and forums for digital copies and additional guidance
  1. Popular Publishers and Online Resources
  • Haynes: Comprehensive repair manuals for a wide range of makes and models
  • Chilton: Detailed guides for DIY repairs and maintenance
  • Factory service manuals: Original repair manuals published by the car manufacturer


Investing in the best classic car accessories can greatly enhance your car’s performance, appearance, and value. By carefully selecting interior and exterior upgrades, performance enhancements, and essential tools and equipment, you can create a personalized and enjoyable driving experience that truly celebrates the unique charm of your vintage automobile. As you continue on your classic car journey, never stop exploring and appreciating the timeless appeal and enduring legacy of these automotive icons. With the right accessories and dedication, you can ensure that your classic car remains a cherished piece of history for years to come.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the best classic car accessories that every enthusiast should consider for their vintage ride, including:

  • Interior Accessories: Steering wheel covers, floor mats, vintage-style gauges, and retro sound systems
  • Exterior Accessories: Classic car covers, vintage license plate frames, emblems, and decals
  • Performance Accessories: Performance air filters, exhaust systems, and suspension and braking upgrades
  • Must-Have Tools and Equipment: Detailing supplies, portable jump starters, and repair manuals

By incorporating these accessories into your classic car ownership experience, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your time behind the wheel and enjoy the nostalgic allure of your beloved vintage vehicle. So buckle up, hit the open road, and let your classic car’s unique character shine with the help of these essential accessories.

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