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Make a YouTube Video To Help Sell Your Car

by Frank
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Doing a walk-around video and uploading it to YouTube is an effective way to market your used car, truck or SUV. It’s also what automobile dealerships do with potential buyers: walk around a car as they talk about and go over different features and options. Then they post the video on their YouTube channel.

YouTube is a website seen by millions of viewers every day and it’s free to join and upload content.

Now that many digital cameras can capture video, and you get a free, heavily trafficked location to upload movies, it is logical to have a video advertising along with an online classified. Place the video link in the classified advertisement and the classified link from the video to achieve various kinds of buyers.

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Why create a YouTube Video to help sell your car?

A walk-around video on YouTube describing the exterior and interior features and options of your car is a powerful tool for selling your used car. Sharing the link to a video of the car you’re selling appeals to buyers who wish to find out more.

Even cheap digital cameras and mobiles phones are capable of recording adequate short video descriptions of the vehicle you’re selling. Along with your walk-around video, you should shoot close-up pictures of the vehicle’s details and place these into your classified ad, along with the link to your video review.

A YouTube video gives shoppers the feeling they are standing beside your vehicle, listening to you describe the essential features and options while they enjoy complete anonymity and no danger. They do not have to drive anywhere to find the vehicle you’re selling and don’t have any sense of obligation about buying it. Clicking on a link to your video is a great deal easier than picking up the phone and calling a person they do not know.

Some facts

In accordance with Dealer.com, 59 percent of shoppers reported that they would pick a dealership with video product descriptions over one without if they were to find similar vehicles on both websites. Meanwhile, a YouTube spokesperson said that online video ads are growing, pointing to the fact that a search for the term”used cars” generates 256,000 hits on the website.

If doing YouTube videos work for auto dealers, it can — with a little alteration — work for you. All you need is an Internet connection and a camera or cell phone which digitally records video.

Tips for creating your YouTube video

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do anything. If you take the time to record a good explainer-style walkaround video of you talking about your car and going over its features and options, you can often time sell your car faster.

  • Park your vehicle in an attractive location that is free of traffic or noise.
  • Briefly rehearse what you need to show and say in the video you plan to create.
  • Start your walk around facing the front left headlight and proceed clockwise around the automobile.
  • Provide basic information, including the vehicle’s year, make, model, approximate mileage and any particular features or options you feel are notable.
  • Do not attempt to hype the vehicle on your narration, so shoppers know that they will not be dealing with a high-pressure owner looking to sell their car and will feel more comfortable calling you.
  • Maintain the video under 10 minutes — and make one continuous take to avert the need for editing.

How to improve video quality

The quality of your video matters as much as your car and what you say. To help make sure you get this part right so here are some tips.

  • Take several versions and compare them to see which one is the best.
  • If possible, film the video just before sunset, when the light is most appealing and there are no shadows.
  • Be aware of harsh reflections from the car’s chrome, which can cause the video to streak.
  • Try to keep your reflection and shadow out of the shot.
  • In the video, don’t mention the price because it may change. You don’t want to have to re-record the video if you don’t have to.

Posting your video on YouTube

Place your video on YouTube as soon as you’re satisfied with it. For easy searching, make sure to include keywords like year, make, and model. There is a wealth of free information on how to upload videos and do video SEO available online. Simply conduct a Google search.

After that, make a free classified listing on Craigslist or eBay Motors and connect to your video advertising. (Regrettably, AutoTrader, which is an effective website for selling a vehicle, does not permit real links to be included in its advertisements.)

Bear in mind that the majority of your visitors will come from the classified advertisement, instead of the video, so it is ideal to list your contact info there. And it’s a fantastic idea to take close-up still photographs of the vehicle’s details and place these into your classified advertisement. That will whet buyers’ appetites for your video.

Once all the advertisements are posted, check back daily and observe the number of views as more shoppers see the review video of your car. And do not forget to take the video down as soon as you’ve sold the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Classified ad sites like Craigslist are a great place to sell your car, but if you want to get more eyeballs (and potential buyers) looking at your car, make a YouTube walkaround video. I firmly believe it will not only help you sell your used car, truck or SUV faster, but for a better price.

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