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2017 Roush Stage 3 V8 Supercharged Fastback Mustang

by Frank

2017 Stage 3 ROUSH Supercharger Mustang

The 2017 ROUSH stage 3 Mustang starts at $19,500 above the cost of a 2017 Ford Mustang GT, or GT Premium. And the power this modern-day pony car makes is vast, to the tune of 670 ROUSHcharger horsepower vast. And with all this power and performance, the 2017 ROUSH stage 3 comes with a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty. Not too shabby!

Jack Roush Jr. was quoted as saying, “The RS3 (Roush stage 3) performance comes from a combination and balance of elements, as a true performance vehicle has many dimensions.”  Jack Roush himself stated that Ford provided him a great platform to build and develop. And because just a regular Ford Mustang GT is so good, Jack Roush and his crew are able to really work their magic.

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ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang: A New Spin on a V8 Classic

Is the ROUSH Mustang stage 3 the pinnacle of the American muscle car? While I can’t answer that question, I can say that it’s clear that Jack Roush had a definite vision with this car. The RS3 might really have a trifecta on performance. It’s got the power, handling, and braking limits the average owner will never reach. With this stage 3 package for 2017, Jack Roush gives us a classic American muscle car with the performance of a race car, while maintaining a pleasant ride quality.

The ROUSH Stage 3 package is really something. When you think of world-class handling, you normally don’t think of American cars. And if you do think American, surely Corvette would cross your mind first. But this ROUSH Mustang will surprise you. It’s got truly world-class handling combined with a ROUSH supercharger setup that makes 670 horsepower. The supercharger used is a ROUSH Performance R2300 TVS supercharger.

More Horsepower per Liter

Take your pick of the fastest American OE muscle cars on the market, this ROUSH stage 3 setup has it. You get a stage 3 Roush package on your Mustang and you’ve got a seriously fast daily driver. No doubt the RS3 can compete on and off the track too. Apparently with a skilled driver and a set of race slicks, one might be able to rip off 10-second quarter-mile times.

ROUSH Stage 3 Performance

The 2017 stage 3 ROUSH Mustang has a power pulsing ROUSH Active Exhaust System and you can really, really hear it. This is a high-performance exhaust system that gives you total control over volume. How cool is that? You can control the volume by selecting one of three modes include a subtle “touring” mode, dynamic “sport” mode, and wide-open “track” mode.

Stage 3 ROUSH Mustang’s Active Exhaust System Sound Clip:

2017 ROUSH Mustang Exterior

stage 3 ROUSH exterior

ROUSH certainly “brought sexy back” with the exterior enhancements on the RS3, but if I was being totally honest, the Mustang is just a good-looking car, period. So I guess when you start with a car that looks as good as the 2017 Mustang GT did (which is the platform for the ROUSH stage 3 conversion).

ROUSH has gone to great lengths to improve the look and performance of this ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang, with the inclusion of front fascia with aero pockets, high-flow upper grille with “3” badging, a high-flow lower opening, front chin splitter, hood scoop, body side scoops, and much more.

ROUSH exterior updates are precision-engineered with CAD/CAM layout and fabricated using the exact procedures that major automotive manufacturers use for OE-quality look, longevity, and match.

RS3 Handling

The 2017 Stage 3 ROUSH Mustang embodies the heritage of ROUSH Performance’s racing legacy. Choose between one adjustable coilover suspension which comes standard to take complete advantage of the Mustang’s independent rear suspension. For even more control over your ride, select the ROUSH TrakPak 3-way adjustable coilover suspension. The system was custom-tuned by World Challenge professional driver Jack Roush Jr. to reach a phenomenal 1.07g skid-pad performance.

ROUSH Stage 3 Core Components

If you’re like me, you want to know the details of this ROUSH stage 3 package for the 2017 Mustang GT. Below I’ve compiled all the core components in once place and given you details. Now you can know what you’re spending $20,000 dollars on.

  • ROUSH 2.3L TVS Supercharger – From the factory, the 5.0L Ti-VCT V-8 produces 435 horsepower (hp) and 400 lb-ft of torque. The ROUSH system increases maximum horsepower to 670 @ 6850 RPM featuring the Eaton TVS® supercharger rotor design.
  • Extreme-Duty Half Shafts
  • Performance 1-Way Coilover Suspension System (Adjustable Height) – ROUSH Coil Covers are made of the same reinforced nylon material used in Ford’s OE covers.
  • 20-Inch Quicksilver Wheels with Ultra High-Performance Cooper RS3 Tires
  • Front Fascia with Aero Pockets – aggressive design that has been refined through aerodynamic reviews, including the placement of air channeling pockets, and the relocation of the auxiliary lighting elements.
  • High-Flow Upper Grille with “3” Badge – The High-Flow Upper Grille improves engine cooling by increasing airflow through the front grille. This grille also adds refined styling in the strong horizontal shapes in the front of the vehicle.
  • High-Flow Lower Opening – This High-Flow Lower Opening not only improves cooling by increasing airflow across the intercooler but also adds an aggressive front appearance.
  • Front Chin Splitter
  • Performance Driving Lamps (convertible only)
  • ROUSH Fender Badges – Permanently mounted on the vehicle, these badges further validate the authenticity of your ROUSH® Mustang.
  • Hood Scoop (body color)
  • ROUSH Stage 3 Graphics Package
  • Side Scoops (body color)
  • Side Rocker Winglets
  • Rear Blackout Panel with ROUSH Badging
  • Rear Decklid Spoiler (Fastback only)
  • ROUSH Front Windshield Banner
  • Stage 3 Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
  • Engine Bay Plaque with Engine Build Signature
  • ROUSH License Plate
  • ROUSH Interior Medallion on the dash
  • ROUSH Design Instrument Gauge Cluster
  • ROUSH Embroidered Floor Mats
  • ROUSH Illuminated Door Sill Plates


No automobile would be complete without optional upgrades haha! The 2017 Stage 3 Roush Ford Mustang GT 5.0l V8is no exception. These are some tasty upgrades for sure. If you watch the build video above, I’m pretty sure I chose most of the optional components for the RS3.

  • Quad-Tip Exhaust with Rear Valance
  • Quad-Tip Exhaust with ROUSH Active Technology and Rear Valance
  • ROUSH Hood Heat Extractors
  • Low-Gloss Black Rear Decklid Spoiler Only available with Matte Black side and hood graphics
  • Premium Paint SelectionFord Premium paint colors
  • Reverse-Sensing Custom-Fit to Rear Valance
  • 20-Inch Polished Wheels with Cooper Ultra High-Performance RS3 Tires
  • 20-Inch Forged Painted Wheels
  • ROUSH Engine Coil Covers
  • ROUSH TrakPak 3-Way Adjustable Coilover Suspension (adjustable height)
  • Billet Performance Pedals (manual or automatic transmissions)
  • ROUSH Leather Seating
  • ROUSH Leather RECARO Seating
  • 6-Speed Shifter Ball
  • ROUSH Trunk-Mounted Tool Kit
  • Convertible Style Bar
  • Hood Strut Lift Assist
  • Quarter Window ScoopsBlack (Fastback only)
  • Locking Lug Nuts

Final Thoughts

Honestly, what’s not to like about this ROUSH Mustang? Nothing! I can tell that I’d love to own one right now.

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