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5 Big Perks of a Small Electric Car

by Frank
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If you are looking to buy a small car for local use or short drives, think about the electric car. While the upfront cost may seem high, electric cars are cheap to run and could prove a brilliant investment, as many buyers are discovering. Electric vehicles — or EV’s — would be the new phenomenon in the automobile world — and in the environment one, too, leading the way in twenty-first-century personal transportation solutions.

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5 Electric Car Perks

Electric cars like the new Tesla roadster offer many perks for local driving, especially the smaller versions.Β Here are five big bonuses of a small electric car to consider.


Electricity costs less than gasoline, making electric cars much cheaper to run than traditional, gas-fueled ones. The smaller, less powerful models like Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Soul EV, are particularly economical to use and owners report making significant financial savings this way.

Charging your”plug-in” car from home is your cheapest alternative, as you can do it overnight at the cheaper, off peak rate. Electric cars are inexpensive in other ways also. Unlike their gas-fueled counterparts, they do not waste electricity, such as when sitting in traffic. Yes, there’s stop/stop technology, but many people turn it off, like me and so that defeats the purpose.

The Future of Driving is Self-Driving Cars


In the USA, electric car owners are entitled to significant tax credits, and similar incentives can be found in the UK and elsewhere. Check online for the discounts related to various kinds of EV where you reside. Many US states also provide financial incentives or support to ease the upfront purchase, so make certain to look out for that information. Additionally, it is worth shopping around for cheap auto insurance, as some companies offer discounts for electrical vehicles in service of green energy. Insurance also tends to be more economical for small, low capacity automobiles.


The tiniest electric cars, like the two-seaters, Nissan Lead along with the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive are really compact, allowing easy parking and unloading. You are going to have the slimness and ability to slide in and out of areas where larger vehicles will not even begin to fit, saving time and cost of driving around in search of larger spaces or paying to get ticketed ones. You know what I’m talking about…


An electric car is a novelty that can impress your friends and draw the attention of observers because you drive around the city. Your forward-looking option will indicate you are daring and contemporary. The more compact EV versions are striking due to their mixture of modesty and cutting edge design, offering a wonderful image for their owners.


The idea of electrically driven automobiles was created from the pressing efforts to reduce poisonous gas emissions and enhance air quality. Every electrical car bought rather than a traditional version supports this particular green initiative, either by preventing gas use and by setting an example to other potential car buyers. Since EV buys grow, they also place pressure on government to supply more recharging points that, in turn, attract more customers, and that means you are going to be assisting the process forward in several ways by choosing electrical.


As an additional bonus, electric automobiles are most likely less appealing to thieves compared to traditional, gas-powered ones. This will change as EV’s increase in popularity, but in the meantime, you can wind up luckier than your neighbors as it pertains to automobile theft. Nevertheless, you will want to lock and secure your prized acquisition with caution when not being used, exactly as with any other vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Visit relevant sites for reviews of EV models available along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then, when you have narrowed down your options, maybe call into your nearest showroom to kick the tires and maybe take it for a test-drive too. Don’t forget to check out all of the financial deals and help available also.

Since the electrical car gains momentum at the auto business and recharging things are multiplied to fulfill requirement, this revolution in automobile power will eliminate, so why don’t you play a role in this fantastic narrative, budget allowing? While profiting from your purchase, you will also be encouraging a noble, international travel, so it is going to make decent feeling all around.

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