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5 Signs It’s Time to Buy New Tires

by Frank

Is it time for new tires? Tires play an important role in keeping you safe while driving on the road. However, worn-out tires increase the chance of suffering an accident or can cause you to be stranded on the side of a highway due to suffering a blowout. Staying proactive by replacing your tires can save you a lot of stress while also improving safety.

Quick Tips for Buying the Right Tires

Here are five signs that’s it time for you to purchase new tires for your vehicle.

1) Lack of Air Pressure

Low tire pressure can often result in a blowout if you don’t take the time to put air in your tires. Modern vehicles will immediate notify you if you need to put more air in a tire. You may also have a leak if you are constantly receiving low-tire pressure notifications. Getting your tire inspected is a good idea to see if you need a patch or a replacement.

2) Not Enough Tire Tread

One of the obvious signs of needing new tires is a low amount of tire tread. Not enough tread increases the likelihood of suffering a blowout. One simple way to determine your tire tread is to place a penny inside the groove of the tire with Lincoln’s head facing you and upside down. If you can still view his whole head, it’s time for you to purchase new tires.

3) Excessive Shaking or Vibration

Driving a vehicle that’s constantly shaking is always a frustrating experience. While it’s normal for a vehicle to shake while driving on a poorly paved road, it isn’t common to experience excessive shaking or vibration while driving down a smooth highway. Excessive shaking is a possible sign that you have a problem with the interior of your tire, and it needs to be replaced.

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4) Beyond Tread-Wear Warranty

Many tire manufacturers offer a tread-wear warranty that guarantees them to last for a specific amount of years or miles. These warranties can often range anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Once your tires have surpassed this warranty date, it’s a smart idea to consider making a replacement to avoid any potential problems.

5) Cracked Rubber

Cracked rubber tires are never safe to drive on due to the increased chance of an accident. These tires can eventually begin to crack due to age or poor alignment. Checking your tires on a frequent basis is a good way for you to notice any signs of cracking. Replacing these tires as soon as possible is essential in keeping you much safer while on the road.

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Final Thoughts

Many people don’t even think about their tires until it’s too late. Trying to repair a flat or replace a tire on your own is often a time-consuming and stressful experience. Staying proactive by replacing your tires in advance can save you a lot of hard work. Keeping all of these different things in mind will help you determine the best time to replace your tires before you experience an accident on the road.

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